Digital Loop Detectors

Digital Loop Detectors

Digital loop detectors unlike traditional loops are classed as “Above Ground Detection”, the Radars are installed onto a 3-metre extension pole, on top of a Traffic Singal Pole.

One single sensor offers up to 32 detection zones and can, for example, replace up to 32 loops. Additionally, the detection zones covered with our sensors can be configured in their position, size and function. Compared to in-ground systems, above-ground detection technology is easy to install onto existing infrastructure.

This means not only that the sensors are a lot more cost-efficient, since one single device can cover an entire area. The sensors can also be easily reconfigured or adjusted in their position in case the traffic routing on-site changes or, for example, a bike lane is added. Traffic can reliably be classified into seven categories, enhancing safety:

  • Pedestrians
  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • passenger cars
  • Transporters
  • trucks or buses
  • long trucks

The advantage to digital loops is that it allows clients to change and reconfigure the site post-install, completely digitally. This removes the requirement of traffic management and road permits