Lochwynd are proud to have carried out the installation of specialist Emissions Detecting and Reporting (EDAR)
equipment on the first scheme in Scotland to use NASA technology to monitor vehicle emissions.
Developed by ex-NASA scientist and EDAR inventor, Dr. Stewart Hager of Hager Environmental and Atmospheric Technologies
(HEAT), the system has already been successfully installed in America and England. EDAR uses satellite and laser
technology to give a true picture of vehicle emissions, as well as recording license plate, speed, acceleration and
temperature of the exhaust.
A pilot scheme at sites in Edinburgh and Broxburn has been undertaken by the Vehicle Emissions Partnership, made up of
West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian and Falkirk councils, and aims to reduce harmful vehicle emissions by educating
drivers about the impact their cars have on of air pollution. Funding for the pilot project has been provided by the
Scottish Government.
EDAR contains a multi-patented system of hardware and software, which allows for a multi spectral 3-dimensional image
of the entire exhaust plume of a moving vehicle. The unmanned system collects data on various gases such as CO, CO2,
NOx, HC and PM.
Pictured (from left to right) are Tom Burr, Vehicle Emissions Partnership, Dr. Stewart Hager, Hager Environmental and
Atmospheric Technologies and William Geary, Managing Director of Lochwynd Ltd.